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a manifesto of the meek & poor in spirit in a “selfie” society and a #blessed culture—calling Christians to follow the humble & selfless way of Jesus’ upside-down kingdom in a world of power, privilege & self-preservation.



The Gospel speaks of an upside-down kingdom where beggars are blessed and the meek inherit the earth. And yet in recent years, I have become more aware of how easy it is for Christians to become entangled in manmade systems of power, privilege, and self-preservation. We live in a “selfie” society and a #blessed culture, but Jesus has called us to be poor in spirit. But what does that even mean?

I have spent the last five years exploring the concept I call “spiritual entitlement” and what its converse, spiritual poverty, looks like. I’ve read books and researched what many smart theologians have said on related subjects. I have listened to people and watched the news. I’ve pored over the Scriptures in detail, trying to understand why this humble posture pleases God and how Christ’s poverty of spirit lead Him to the Cross; and what it means for us to take up our own crosses daily to follow him in a costly discipleship.

What I quickly discovered was that 1) this subject is of far greater scope, depth and importance than I had originally thought and 2) it presents an equal challenge for Christians around the world; from every generation, political affiliation, and socioeconomic demographic. Lastly, I noticed that, while many have touched on the topic of “poor in spirit” (or an “unentitled spirit,” as I call it), few have done a comprehensive study on the subject. And so in 2014, I began to blog about it—but the more posts I wrote and the more research I did, I realized this was much bigger than a blog.

That being said, I would like to share my first published article on this subject—and to officially and publicly announce that I am now working on writing a [BOOK]! If you would like to support this endeavor, feel free to take a moment to subscribe to this blog & like or follow the Unentitled Gospel Facebook pageInstagram page and Twitter page—and help spread the word by sharing with friends who might be interested in this topic.



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